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You cannot expect to see the glory of God when you are busy sleeping - Theodore Effiong

Occult men have a habit of consulting their power base first thing before anyone else wakes up in the morning. They seek to take control over the day ever before the day has gone far. We as the heritage of the Lord God must beat them to it, because in the spirit realm control and dominion is not only given to the highest bidder, it's also according to first come, first serve.

"And the Lord said unto Moses, rise up early in the morning and STAND BEFORE PHARAOH; lo, he cometh forth to the water...." - Exodus 8:20

"I am against thee, Pharaoh king of Egypt the greta dragon that lieth in the midst of the river." - Exodus 29:3

So behind the king of Egypt was the dragon spirit he consulted daily by the river front. God's command to us is to rise up early in the morning and stand before the Lord at our various altars of prayers. 

You cannot expect to see the glory of God when you are busy sleeping and having a dead prayer life.

Jesus realized that He needed to see the face of God before He saw the faces of men. To carry unusual realm of glory we cannot afford to do otherwise. 

When samson lost the presence and truncated the glory of His majesty, he was delivered to H

his enemies but when he returned to the place of prayers and cried unto God, Jehovah in His infinite mercy heard the cry of his servant and brought great victory in his last days. (Judges 16:27-29). 

Jesus further realized that He needed to hear from His Father first in order to receive Divine guidance and instructions. Instructions must be received before any destiny decision is embarked upon. 

Everybody is as spiritual as he makes himself to be. You cannot afford to remain ordinary, especially in the world we find ourselves today. Heaven is waiting for a man, a woman that will go back to the original pattern of divine encounters. 

I am hear to announce that the person Heaven is looking for is YOU. I challenge you to defeat the demons of indiscipline and laziness in your prayer life. 

I pray for you today, that the grace to establish consistent and effective dynamic divine encounters becomes your portion daily in Jesus Name, Amen.


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