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Opinion: We Were Not Taught To Curse By Jesus, But Daddy Freeze Should Also Respect The Anointed

Opinion: We Were Not Taught To Curse By Jesus, But Daddy Freeze Should Also Respect The Anointed

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There has been an underlying issue between Daddy Freeze, David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel< David Ibiyiome of Salvation Ministries, Paul Eneche of Dunamis International. Daddy Freeze has been a significant critic who has always criticize every man of God for whatever they say. The thing is the pastors themselves are human beings like anybody and are bound to make mistakes, and irrespective of that, no one has any right to talk back or talk down at the anointed of God. The fact is God is the caller of every pastor, and he is the judge of everyone on earth.

Daddy Freeze countered the words of Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel International, which caused an uproar, got some clergymen to respond to him, which led to raising abusive comments on him. Pastor David Ibiyiome of Salvation Ministries spoke out that he (Daddy Freeze) cannot be talking back at his father (David Oyedepo), and he was forced to say other words, which sounded like a threat. Paul Eneche spoke out against the On-Air Personality (OAP), Daddy Freeze, and he was forced to call him a dog.

Many people have slammed the clergymen for their actions, as some believed daddy Freeze deserves it, and some believed that the clergymen shouldn't talk like that. Different people from different angles have seen a lot of reactions.

We all know Jesus didn't teach us to curse, to lay abusive words, and other violent behavior. But don't forget that the scriptures made us understand something during the period of Jesus. He was forced to flog those people who were going against the Church's use and sending them out. The fact remains that no one can correct a pastor in a very shallow manner. And expect to go free. Some people need to be taught some lessons so that others can learn. The Bible says, touch not my anointed, and do my prophet no harm. When the siblings of Moses talked back at Him, they knew what happened to them. So I can say it should be the man of God that raised their voices; if it were to be God who did, his life wouldn't be like that again. You can call yourself a cultured person and be calling elderly person names, all in the name of corrections. 

Daddy Freeze needs to be corrected, and even if it is by abusing him, it is okay. No man is above mistake. And one thing people should know is this, these men of God has gone through a lot, and they will see to it that everyone who learns under them is taught well, and by their experience with God, they have the right to talk based on that, so they shouldn't be criticized. An older person deserves respect.

And I say this even if the clergymen didn't say anything, and the Bible says whatsoever a man sow is what he will reap. That is just a principle that indeed stands, irrespective of anything.

Daddy Freeze needs to respect the anointed, and not just open his mouth anyhow.

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