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Say these prayers now for life perfection

Confess every transgression to the Lord and ask for his mercy.

Receive grace to live above sin and every weakness in your life.

Ask God to expose to you every area of your life where you are walking in deceit and hypocrisy through which the devil is having a foothold on your life.

Ask that the light of his word will expose every work of darkness in your life.

Pray that the Lord will raise a standard against the enemy as he comes as a flood in your academic, health, finance and so on.

Declare your gates will be perpetually shut against the enemy but continuously open to the traffic of angels.

Ask that God will help you to be alert and vigilant, that the enemy will not take you by surprise.

Come by the reason of the finished work at Calvary and lay claims to this promise; declare that you are flourishing like a palm tree.

Declare that everything you lay your hands on shall flourish and you shall grow like the cedar in Lebanon.

Thank you JESUS.

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