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Reason why Jehovah is not God's name

God revealed his name to Moses during Moses encounter with God by the burning bush as YHWH which means I Am. This is the holy name of God and the latters are known as the TETRAGRAMMATON.

It is written without vowels. The Jews find it to be sacred, because it is the holy name of God. They believe it to be a taboo to call God by his name. But with time vowels were inserted into the TETRAGRAMMATON to make God name intelligible.

The people who added the vowels are the Massorets. The are responsible for inventing the vowel system in Hebrew, they added the vowels in the TETRAGRAMMATON not to rename God. The inserted the vowels of Adonai which means My Lord.

They did this so that when someone comes across the TETRAGRAMMATON they will pronounce Adonai, because God is too mighty to be called by his name.

Inserting the vowels Adonai in YHWH, the result is YeHoWaH or YeHoVaH. But this was not renaming so that people could call God YeHoVaH, it was for people to say Adonai whenever they see YHWH because a mere mortal can not call God by his name.

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