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Dangers Of Not Paying Tithe: Nigerians Are Jealous Of Oyedepo. Tithe Or No Tithe, He Can't Be Poor

Bishop David Oyedepo is a popular Pastor in Nigeria and around the world. He is the founder of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel. He is a man of God who has always spoken his mind about the Bible, Christian lifestyle and government. He had at many times disagreed with government on the total shut down of Church which is the house of God where people are expected to build their faith in times of difficulty and receive healing.

He is not the only person that shares that view. Even Pastor Chris Oyahkilome of the Winners Chapel had also spoken against the total shut down of Churches in Nigeria. However, as men of God and responsible citizens, they obeyed that order took their Church activities online in order to continue to spread the Gospel of God which they have chosen to do for the rest of their lives. But I might to right to say that Nigerians since the COVID-19 Pandemic have deliberately picked on Bishop David Oyedepo on his position on total closure of Churches. More, especially on his position on paying tithe. It was once reported that he created a USSD code for Winners Chapel members to pay tithe. Alot of Nigerians were busy wailing over that action. Today his tweet on the dangers of not paying tithe has also got Nigerians talking again.

I am not a member of Winners Chapel neither do I attend his university. I but I can say that Nigerians are just been jealous of Bishop David Oyedepo. See the reactions of some Nigerians over his statement below.

He has suffered so much in life because of his belief in working in the Lord's vineyard and God has blessed him. Whether tithe or no tithe he cannot be poor. Some Nigerians just believe it is tithe that Oyedepo and his family are using to survive and without they will be poor. Paying tithe is compulsory in the Bible even Jesus Christ paid it. Nigerians are just complaining of something that doesn't concern them. I have never seen any member of Winners Chapel that has come out to complain that Bishop Oyedepo is extorting them. Infact when you watch their service on Sundays, you see how cheerful and blessed they are worshipping as Living Faith Church members.

Infact I can even say they are happy paying their tithe. For those who think that Oyedepo lives on tithe, he has up to 70 book he has authored, and they are selling world wide. Some of them are The Winning Wisdom, Walking In Wisdom, The Healing Balm, Manifestations Of The Spirit, Breaking The Curses Of Life, Overcoming Forces Of Wickedness, You Shall Not Be Barren, Understanding Vision, Exploring The Secrets Of Success.

If you listen to Oyedepo's preaching you will recognize that he believes in prosperity as a Christian. He is a firm believer of growing through faith.

Some people who see his private jets, and universities think they are all built with tithe money. They forget that he pays workers in his church, maintains his church, engages in charity work as a Christian. Nigerians should even thank Oyedepo for setting a standard in the education sector by establishing Convenant University which is now one of the best universities in Africa. Oyedepo has a calling from God. He is focused on it and will only continue to grow stronger and stronger no matter what people say. 

What do you think of Bishop Oyedepo and his stand on tithe? Do you think is out of place for Oyedepo to lay much emphasis on tithe.

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