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Night Prayer: Declare This Short Prayer For God's Favour

I prepare myself internally to live a time of listening to the word. I make room within myself, to welcome what will be given to me, to receive the word in all its richness. I ask God to make this attitude of reception grow in me. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Saint Paul speaks first of the law, in all its ambiguity: it is both a guide and an impossible program. I can wonder about my way of dealing with the law. Law of the Church, law of men too. I ask the Lord to help me grow in freedom, giving the law its rightful place, no more, no less.

Saint Paul then speaks to me about my baptism, which unites me to Christ in a profound way. For a moment, I rediscover this special connection. I see my life not down to earth but as transformed, re-colored by this relationship with Christ.

Saint Paul also tells me how much my relationship with Christ is also a relationship transformed with the whole of humanity, united, placed fundamentally on an equal footing. I bring the most different faces to my imagination: each and every one, they are loved by God and I am called to love them.

Introduction to second listening

I hear these words from Paul a second time: they invite me to freedom and solidarity.

Invitation to personal prayer

What does this text of Saint Paul bring me finally? What do I remember? What light does it give me on my life? I take a moment to collect my ideas, choose what I want to keep as light for my day.

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