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Say this breakthrough prayers against poverty and wretchedness as you wake up this morning

To be poor in life is not a good thing at all. We need God in our lives either as a Christian or as a Muslim. The main thing afflicting us in this life is poverty and wretchedness. If someone is wretched spiritually, he is also. Wretched physically. Now say this breakthrough prayers against poverty and wretchedness:

1. Father evil arrows of poverty being shot to my life, father I shatter and destroy by your fire in Jesus name.

2. Any where am lacking one good thing or the other, father you replenish me in Jesus name

3. Evey strongholds of poverty, Evey barricade of Wretchedness in my life, that is chaining me down, I destroy them by your fire. I cast them out of my life.

4. Every spirit of poverty afflicting my life and my home, let the ancient fire of the Holy ghost destroy them In Jesus name.

5. I shall never beg in Jesus name, Nations shall borrow from me. I shall not lack any good thing, I shall not borrow or beg again.

In Jesus mighty name, we have prayed. Amen

I believe the Lord will conquer all our battles for us in Jesus name.

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