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You Are Not Destined To Be Poor In Life

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The Almighty God who created the heaven and the earth, is the source and origin of true wealth and riches, He gives to those who find favour in His sight. All the wealth of the nations are under his control, He has the power and authority to uplift and prosper one irrespective of one's position, level, colour, race and language.

My esteemed readers, you are not destined to be poor in life, don't ever accept the verdict that you are destined to be poor in life, if God could change the story of Jabez in holy Bible, he was a son of bitterness and sorrow, but he cried to God in prayers and God changed the story of his life, he became fortunate to the extent that he was more blessed than his all his brethren. My brothers and my sisters, what can God not do? He can lift you up from grass to the grace, infact, from nobody to somebody in life.

Once again, my friends, you are not destined to be poor in life, you see, God has deposited in you, what you can do to be great in life, don't underrate or underestimate God's resource deposited in your life, seek God's face to lead and direct you for proper mining and utilization of God's endowed resources in you. What you are going to use to be somebody in life has been deposited in you by God, therefore, call on Him for guidance.

Please and please, I want you to remove or erase the mentality in you that, you can't make it in life, anyway, you may be facing one challenge or the others now, that doesn't mean you won't make it in life, you must bear one thing in mind, "winner never quits and quitter never wins." Don't be discouraged, keep on praying and moving forward, the good Lord who answered the prayer of Jabez will surely answer your prayers.

You are born to be great, you are not destined to be poor, therefore, call upon God to direct and show you what to do that will make you great in life.

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