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5 uplifting prayers to start up your week

Praying in the Spirit" is not "Praying in Tongue" (Part 2) - Vanguard News

1.   Eat well, don’t overstress yourself. Have a positive mindset and before you know it, everything will become easy for you. Your week has been set aside to come with its challenges and bustle, and that is why you are made specially to tackle all the problems of the new week. Your new lease to life is here. God bless your week.


2.   You will find happiness in all you do. Just think about how far you have come if the week stands to be too stressful. God will guide you in everything you lay your hands on. Prosperity is yours already, so far you believe in what God can do! Yes believe! Happy new week. May God be with you!



3.   I wish you a beautiful week with great opportunities, wonderful ideas, and a new burst of energy. I wish you a week of optimum success in all that you do. I wish you the best of the new week. May all your efforts transform to success. Wishing you the best of the week. God bless your hustle.


4.   It is a new week, a different kind of hustle, a new work day, the rising of the new week sun, and a new grace on you. Ensure that you commit everything into the hands of God before you start the day. Wishing you a great week ahead. Have a happy week.


5.   Focus on what you want this week and not just limit yourself to what you have alone. When you set your eyes on the goal and on the prize, it will be easy to deal with circumstances and trials as they come your way. This way the week will bend itself for you because you have mastered the hustle and known what you need to focus on. Have a happy new week. Enjoy!


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