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What if Jesus is alive today

The thought that I wanted to pass across will not be best understood if we don’t deal with the reality of today first so kindly read through to the truth.

Those thought of what could happen if Jesus is alive today and we all know that there will definitely be nobody who will equal to him as an influencer on all social media, just name it, even if he happens not to be the most handsome on Instagram, he will still break record there for his works, just capture the time when he spit, make a clay and open someone eyes that alone will make him the most followed on Twitter.

And ooh, how about gracing several posters and magazines across the globe, I doubt the press who will not want to feature a story about him in each edition, talk less of deciding to launch his own?, Boom!!! It will be a success. Those good thoughts never let me rest.

But let us pause and think, will the world be like this, we would have definitely try to kill again because he will try to change the world with love. Condemning all the work of darkness, all modern Bethesda will be graced with his frequent visitation, he will labour for adulterers to be free. I am sure now that some people will not have that chances to be a dirty star.

I then imagine him coming to our country ( celebrity do tour the world right? ). What will be his heart yearning?, I know that he will do so well that we will not mind to make him the president ( they actually try it in Israel in those days ).

What if there are ten(10) Jesus in the country that we are or what if there is just one Jesus where you are presently, what great work that he would have done.

Then am forced to ask who we are, Jesus explain that he died to bring up several Jesus, according to John 12 v 24. Are we the Jesus yet, did we have that influence, that impact, that power and that love that Jesus the seed from which we the fruit grows has?

What would have happened if it is Jesus that meet those who you meet must happen because you are there. Sinners must not be condemned but saved, sickness will not only be healed but also the sick be made whole, let us become that Jesus(fruits) that should be harvested after Jesus(seed) has been planted.


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