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Mysteries Behind Dreadlocks You Do Not Know

Natural Dreadlocks is popularly known as DADA. What's the mystery behind it? What does it really signify? Does it really come with a spiritual fortification as claimed by many? Do you like or dislike it for your kids? Why do children of most white garment churches have it? Since it's natural (i.e God given), why then do we hate or condemn it?

It is believed that children that has dada are special and have unique and spiritual capabilities like the gift of healing, extreme intelligence and physical strength.

DADA is similar to dreadlocks and is difficult to comb but the difference here is that Dada is more predestined and not by choice.

Children with dada are known to be very fragile and must be taken good care of especially in their formative years.

In Igbo land, there are many traditional rules when dealing with a dada. For instance, it is believed that when the hair of a child with Dada is combed or cut, the child would fall very sick and could even die. So, only the mother and no other person must touch the hair of these children. If anyone does otherwise, he or she must give money to the child or tie a cowry to their locks to prevent them from falling ill.

Before adulthood, the dada must be shaved but these must however be accompanied with a special ritual which is usually performed by the chief priest presiding over the child. But in recent time, it is the Catholic Priest that does the shaving.

But with the advent of modernization, many people with dada are now being largely accepted in the societies.

Parents are now locking the hair of their children and hence it is generally hard to even distinguish a natural born dada and a made one.

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