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Enjoying on Earth & going to suffer in Hell or vice versa? Do not ignore.

Good Day Readers.

How was our day?? No matter what we should, be grateful for Life.

Yea, so I will like to start this Article by telling the readers, that the Kingdom of God is at Hand, & today I will like to tell us that yes, we all are going through this pandemic being affected, one way or the other in order words we are all affected, & literally we can say we are all at a standstill, thereby alot of people are suffering. Enjoying on Earth & going to suffer in the afterlife or Hell.

Now I will like to tell us, that sooner or later the world, will come to an end or better still, we all will face the throne of Judgement, so thereby after this suffering of Earth or Life, then will you like to go to Hell to suffer once again?.

It's better to tarry & cling on Christ, & then go to Heaven to enjoy the after world. So I will be appealing to Christians to please, be steadfast in Christ Jesus so we won't suffer, here on Earth with being steadfast in Christ, & then go to Hell to be tormented again.

So I will please appeal to you that you think you enjoying life, anyhow you want or better still you are living in a life of sin, which seems right to you, it's actually No because afterlife it's going be torment, & brimstone in the lake of fire.

So please if you are sure you aren't rooted in christ, or making him your personal Lord, & Saviour, give your life wholeheartedly to Him. He loves You & will like you to be with Him in Heaven.

If you are ready to Surrender, Please call these Numbers (RCCG): 08033440631 or 07064979797. Please surrender.

Because in the Bible it was clearly stated that, The rich man & Lazarus that lived with him, was so poor He battled with Dogs, to eat from the leftovers of the rich man, the rich man so enjoyed his life to the fullest, in vanity at the end of it all at Judgement day, the rich man ended up in hell, while Lazarus made it to Heaven. Enjoying on Earth, & going to suffer in afterlife, hell or vice versa.

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Good Day Hell Yea


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