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Opinion: On Bishop Oyedepo's Tweet On Tithing, Here Is What I Have To Say.

My attention was drawn to a tweet made by a popular pastor, the General Overseer of Living Faith Church as known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo which reads " Tithing is an inescapable covenant obligation. Prosperity not just wealth is impossible without tithing, because when you are not paying your tithe, you are under a financial curse"

In recent times, the issue of Tithing has been a very controversial one. The conversations around generated heated debates that it went viral on the internet with many speaking for and against it.

Many Christians saw it as an old testament practice which have no bearing on new testament era where Christianity is a product of grace and not law.

As I read Oyedepo's Tweet, I felt uncomfortable with it. Many questions began tugging at my mind, Which are:

1. Does it mean every properous person in life paid tithes?

2. Did Jesus Christ, from whom Christianity came from preached tithes as a requirement for prosperity and wealth?

3. What of people of other religions/atheists who doesn't know about tithing and are prosperous even more than tithing Christians? What can we say about them?

4. Does giving have to be forced? Judging from the fact that God encourages willful and cheerful giving done in love.

5. Can he preach such kind of message in developed climes where they have a better standard of living and not lose followership? 

6. If tithe is a new testament ordinance, why didn't any of the apostles mention it in all their Epistles?

Let me quick state here that this is not to counter or attack the Man of God. I respect him a lot and I do listen to his teachings. But I disagree with him on this based on my understanding of the scriptures and how it could be applied for profitable living.

I understand the obsession of our people ( Nigerians) for wealth and all its trappings. I believe he dropped that message based the peculiarity of our clime. But then, the truth needs be told.

When it comes to making wealth, there is a universal principle to it which Everyone must obey whether a Christian or unbeliever. No matter how much tithe you pay, if you don't follow the principles to making wealth, nothing will happen for you.

One universal principle that holds true is, the principle of sowing and reaping. Irrespective of your faith, whatever you sow, you must reap. Whatever Business or job or enterprise you apply yourself diligently to, you will surely get the benefits. This is as sure as banker.

 In the new testament, nothing is done by compulsion. Everything is done in love. We give to God because we love Him, not because we are compelled to.

Tithing is never a bribe to buy your way to God's heart neglecting his Divine wealth principle. This is what I have against that message.

If he wanted to encourage his followers to pay tithe. I believe there should a better way to communicate it. Personally, I am not against tithing but I kick against wrong teaching of it.

Attaching it to making wealth is what I found flawed. If prosperity is determined by how we pay tithe, then every tithe payer in Nigeria would have been a wealthy person. But the reverse is the case.

I think it's time we preach messages of hope, transformation and total internal conversation to Christ rather than caging people with wrong interpretation of scriptures.

Let me know your views on this.

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