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One good reason why Bishop Oyedepo's wealth should not be criticized but be an example for Christians to learn from

We are very much aware of how some wealthy men of God are being castigated and dishonored by people. Some critics would say that men of God become rich only by the offerings and tithes offered by members of the church, while others would believe that such men of God are duly blessed by God for their faithful services and obedience both to God and mankind.

Nonetheless, most of us know that one of the most prominent and wealthiest preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our time is Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder and General Overseer of Living Faith, aka, Winners Chapel.

In this article, we will look at one of the reasons why the Bishop's wealth should be a good teaching example to many Christians all over the world, rather than criteria for criticism.

Bishop David Oyedepo who was said to have started his ministry and church in the 80s has remarkably been a blessing to this generation, spanning his teachings of faith and the results he has been able to get thus far. From owning the first biggest Church auditorium to having four private Jets, among other things, that we see him possess today.

Canaan land, Ota in Ogun State

In one of his sermons, the Bishop shares a testimony of how much he used to earn during the beginning of his Christian ministry. It was learned that he formerly earned three hundred(300) naira during that time. He also emphasized that the blessings that come from tithing and giving to God are blessing that God secures. Arguably, most people would not have noticed that even men of God sow seeds and pay tithes as well.

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Thus, one of the key factors that unlock, not just God's blessings, but also His protection over your wealth is your ability to remain faithful to giving one-tenth of your income and the seed you bring to Him.

One good reason why He should not be criticized for his wealth but rather be a good example is; his teachings are reflected in his results. However, his lifestyle and accomplishments are evidence of what he preaches.

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