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Electoral Promises: Don’t disappoint Nigerians—Anglican Bishop Tells Tinubu

10th NASS LeadershipAccording to Vanguard, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has been elected president of Nigeria, and as he assumes office on May 29, every Nigerian looks forward to the renewed hope he promised, according to Rt. Rev. Dr. Babatunde Ogunbanwo, Bishop of the Diocese of Ijebu South-West, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

"One can see that our country under successful administration has witnessed untold hardships, but right now our national life has gone from being a failed state to a nation that is sleeping, dormant, lethargic, and almost dead," Bishop Ogunbanwo said in his address at the First Session of the Fifth Synod of the Diocese of Ijebu South-West, held at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Aiyepe-Ijebu.

"Almost everything that could go wrong had gone wrong," he remarked. The center can no longer support the weight of all that has disintegrated. Our country is indeed on the verge of disintegrating, just as it did in 2015, when Nigerians had hoped that the new government would usher in the transformation. Many people believed that most of the problems facing our nation—including instability, insurgency, unemployment, and a subpar healthcare system, among others—would soon pass.

Speaking on the "japa syndrome" afflicting young people in Nigeria, Bishop Ogunbanwo urged the nation's governments at all levels to swiftly implement measures to reverse the trend.

The rate at which our youth are fleeing the country because of dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment, according to the bishop, is worrying. Unfortunately, the Japa syndrome is rising in popularity, but what is most concerning is the government's unwillingness to appropriately address it.

These young people leave their homes in search of work and a higher standard of living since they cannot find them there.

"We call on your government at all levels to put in place mechanisms for reversing the trend as soon as possible before it is too late and before the country runs out of professionals who can meaningfully contribute to the development of our nation's human capital."

"We urge various governments to provide the young people with work, not just the so-called white-collar occupations but also other vocations like menial tasks, which they happily perform outside the country." The government may also need to raise the standard of living in this area, ensure that energy and water are operational, and provide equal growth opportunities for all citizens. Our young people will wait.

Bishop Ogunbanwo congratulated Prince Dapo Abiodun, the governor of Ogun State, on his election to a second term in office and praised him for his methodical leadership style that put strategies and policies in place to improve the state.

He also praised him for building the Ilisan Agro-Cargo Airport and passing the new law allowing traditional monarchs to be buried and erected according to their religious beliefs.

At the Synod, Bishop Ogunbanwo pleaded with Governor Abiodun to inspect the matter of deductions, salaries, and gratuities owing to both active-duty and retired workers.

"The situation of pensioners who have been long-term retirees and have not received their entitlements is worrying," he remarked. Many people have passed away without collecting their benefits. There is even no hope in sight for many families, which makes this agonizing.

"These are those who have rendered meritorious service but are currently wallowing in destitution and self-pity." Many of them cannot even afford the medications they need to stay healthy. The government should know that because of the current economic downturn, many workers cannot eat, many are suffering, and there is widespread hunger and poverty.

We request that our government immediately and thoroughly investigate the protests of our people and urgently hunt for a solution to put our retirees' faces back on.

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Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Babatunde Ogunbanwo Ijebu South-West Nigerian Tells Tinubu


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