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Short Morning Prayer Points for God's Grace and Heavenly Blessings

I decree to my life this evening may the Lord God grant me the prayer i have been requesting for a very long time and i will jubilate as God will put smile on my face in Jesus name

Oh Lord it is your mercy that I hope for, so do not leave me in charge of my affairs even for a blink of an eye and rectify for me all my need in Jesus name

I pray today the Lord Almighty will lead and order my steps, guide my thoughts, protect my heart, control my words and free my mind in Jesus name.

No matter how strong the week as been, I will see the hand of God and he will not let me down because am his hand work. It shall be well with my soul. The blessings and favour of God will rest on me today and ever more in Jesus name

The evil force that return some one back to square one will never locate me and my family. God's glory will continue to shine in my life in Jesus name

God will bless me with new name. Door of uncommon grace and blessings will open for me. The voice of rejoicing will remain permanent in my home in Jesus name. 

I decree as a child of God that the light of God will consume my darkness. I will be celebrating with new things today and forever more in Jesus name I pray.


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