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Proclaim these powerful and wonderful prayers in your life this morning

My personal Lord Jesus and savior, with all my heart I put my trust in you without reservations . I 'm with hope, faith and without doubt that you will keep your promises concerning my life. With full trust and confession as your child, your favor and love surrounds me everywhere I go and every day of my life. The Holy spirit is upon my life and the power to be successful shall be my portion every day of my life,i can only have thoughts of success, victor, prosperity and progress because i have God and I have been programmed by the word of God.

I'm a member of the big family of God; I am filled with divine grace to control the word . I have hope that I am not just a face in the crowd, but the voice of Christ. I am a shinning light, a seed of Abraham, born to win and dominate my world. I am winning and not losing, increasing and not decreasing Amen, I am running the race of faith with faith in the word of God that the plans and whishes of the enemies are powerless against my life and my family. Amen.

I believe that I am more than a conqueror and my victory is sure which is revealed through my Christ . The right hand of God is with me, therefore my steps are guided with strategies for success and nothing can stop me. I decree that I am unstoppable and victorious in Jesus Christ Amen.


Lord help me, be with me , bless me ,in your infinity mercy direct my through the right path , show ur mercy and forgiveness to me and just a sinner ...amen 

Thanks you lord jesus, Thank you merciful God,Thank you king of kings

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