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Revelations of the Divine Personality of God From The Holy Quran, Bible, Torah, Hindu And Buddha

By Pinnaclenews | self meida writer
Published 12 days ago - 1 views

I find it necessary to write this epistle so as to clear the doubts about the existence of God which has remained a mystery to many people in this generation;

Especially those whose eyes of understanding are covered with religious veil.

It is quite unfortunate that some that knows about the existence of God only hold a portion of the truth.

That is why the religions in the world are all holding a portion of the truth until this end time when the spirit of truth appeared as prophecies by the Lord Jesus Christ in John 16:13-14.

The scripture pointed us to this fact in Hebrews 1:1-3 "In many separate revelations [[a] each of which set forth a portion of the Truth] and in different ways God spoke of old to [our] forefathers in and by the prophets,

"[But] in [b] the last of these days He has spoken to us in [the person of a] Son, Whom He appointed Heir and lawful Owner of all things, also by and through Whom He created the worlds and the reaches of space and the ages of time [He made, produced, built, operated, and arranged them in order].

"He is the sole expression of the glory of God [the Light-being, the [c]out-raying or radiance of the divine], and He is the perfect imprint and very image of [God’s] nature, upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power. When He had by offering Himself accomplished our cleansing of sins and riddance of guilt, He sat down at the right hand of the divine Majesty on high," (AMP-Classic Edition).

Many writers emerged from all the religious bodies in the world; each writing and teaching according to the portion of truth they are holding.

I am writing as one that have had a personal encounter with the Self Existing One who has unveiled the whole truth hidden since ages.

You should know that whatever you are reading in this epistle is a true account of the Divine Personality that has visited this Earth;

I am a witness and also a partaker of his Majesty and Splendor.

Luke 1:1-4 "Since [a] as is well known] many have undertaken to put in order and draw up a [[b] thorough] narrative of the surely established deeds which have been accomplished and fulfilled [c] in and among us,

"Exactly as they were handed down to us by those who from the [[d]official] beginning [of Jesus’ ministry] were eyewitnesses and ministers of the Word [that is, of [e]the doctrine concerning the attainment through Christ of salvation in the kingdom of God],

"It seemed good and desirable to me, [and so I have determined] also after [f] having searched out diligently and followed all things closely and traced accurately the course from the highest to the minutest detail from the very first, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus,

"[My purpose is] that you may know the full truth and understand with certainty and security against error the accounts (histories) and doctrines of the faith of which you have been informed and in which you have been [g] orally instructed." (AMP-Classic Edition).

The Bible, Quran, Hadith and other religious books which will serve as our reference point today pointed all to the Divine Personality that has appeared on this last day.

Job 19:25-27 "For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:

"And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:

"Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me." (KJV).

Even Moslem scholars believes that the Lord God Almighty will appear in the last days in the body of flesh.

"Hz. Aliibn Abu Talking says: The promised Mahdi (as) will be descended from me and will appear in the END Times is NO OTHER MAHDI AWAITED BY ANY OTHER NATION APART FROM HIM" (Isbat al-Hudat, Vol.7, P.148).

According to Buddhist prophecies, the Almighty God will appear at last as a Saviour.

"At that period, brethren, there will arise in the world an Exalted One named Maitreya, Fully Awakened, abounding in wisdom and goodness, happy, with knowledge of the worlds, unsurpassed as a guide to mortals willing to be led, a teacher for gods and men, an Exalted One, a Buddha, even as I am.

"He, by himself, will thoroughly know and see, as it were face to face, this universe, with it's worlds of the spirits, its Brahmas and its Maras, and its world of recluses and Brahmins, of princes and peoples, even as I now, by myself, thoroughly know and see them." (Digha Nikaya, 26).

Hindu religion also made reference to the appearance of the Avatar who will establish righteousness and virtue upon the Earth.

This is supported by the Bhagavata teachings;

"Lord Vishnu (appearing as Kalki) adorned of the whole animate and inanimate creation, and the soul of the universe, appears in this world of matter for protecting the virtue of the righteous and wiping out the entire stock of their karma and thereby liberating them.

"The Lord will appear under the name of Kalki ... riding a fleet horse ... and capable of subdueing the wicked. The Lord of the universe wielding ... divine powers and possessed of endless virtues and matchless splendor, he will traverse the globe on that swift horse and exterminate with his sword the robbers (those whose minds are devoted to iniquity) by the tens of millions." (The Srimad Bhagavata--circle 1500 BCE).

Adam Smith through the Book of MORMON made us to understand that the Ominipresent God will take up the body of men when He will appear.

"For behold, the time cometh, and is no far distant, that with power, the Lord Ominipresent who reigneth; who was, and is from all eternity, shall come down from heaven among the children of men, and shall dwell in a tabernacle of clay, and shall go forth among men." (Book of MORMON-Mosiah 3:5).

Whether you call this Divine Personality Christ, Mahdi, Avatar, Maitreya, etc, He is the same one and only true God; the Self Existing One.

"The holy books of all the major religions contain numerous promises and prophecies concerning the coming of a messianic figure.

"This messianic figure, those predictions say, will appear at the Day of Judgment, the day of God, or the “time of the end” to establish the kingdom of God on Earth. Each religion has a different name or title for this messianic figure—but the prophecies are remarkably alike.

"Christians await the Return of Christ. Jews await the Messiah. Muslims await the Mahdi. Buddhists await the Maitreya Buddha. Zoroastrians await the Shah Bahram. Hindus await the Tenth Avatar of Krishna. Even the North and South American indigenous religions contain such prophecies. For example, the Shoshone Indians await the Great Redeemer," culled from https://bahaiteachings.org/has-the-messiah-returned/

He has been on earth since the creation of the world changing His appearance and identity to suit the people He visited.

Hinduists further confirmed that the perfect place where God will hide himself is in human body.

"The Hindu says: If God wished to hide. God would choose man to hide in. That is the last place man would look for God," culled out from www.printest.com

As prophecied in the above verifiable quotes, the Lord God Almighty has appeared in this last dispensation with unquestionable signs, indisputable evidences and verifiable proofs.

He is standing upon the Earth in the form of a human being with an everlasting gospel which He has swiftly spread to the uttermost parts of the Earth.

He is no other personality than Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Son of Man (Blessed be His Holy Name).

He has been in the Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide since 1993 unveiling Himself and now He has opened His arms of salvation to the ends of the Earth.

He is saying this day "Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else." Isaiah 45:22 (KJV).

This is the Divine Personality whom the prophets and the scriptures foretold;

He is here at last to carry out a swift work upon the Earth.

The ancient prophets prophecied that He will be revealed by the Clouds of Heaven.

According to the Islamic Hadith, "Hazrath Mahdi (as) will come. There will be a cloud just above his head. There will be an angel who will cry out: this is Mahdi (as), follow him."

The Bible also stated thus in Revelation 1:7 "Behold he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen." (KJV).

Note that the Lord Jesus Christ directed his disciples to the Son of Man who will come after him.

Matthew 24:30 "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (KJV).

If you are an elect of God, at least a portion of these quotes and scriptures must touch you because truth has no substitute.

Remember, God does not belong to any religion for non is holding the full truth about his Divine Personality.

Hence, God will not save you because of your religious inclination but will save you if you fulfil the condition stipulated by Acts 10:35.

"But in every nation the person who fears God and does what is right [by seeking Him] is acceptable and welcomed by Him." (AMP).

The full truth is a man; the Son of Man.

He will be unveiled to you if He wants to for the Quran states that Allah misleads whosoever He wills and saves whosoever He wills.

For it is not he that willeth nor he that runneth but God that showeth mercy.

There are still many things that are hidden about this Divine Personality which will be unveiled with time because you will not bear them now.

John 16:12-13 "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come." (KJV).

Now that you have found this Divine Personality, what is expected of you?

The answer to the above question has already been provided.

"If Allah permits you to see this, RUN TO SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO HIM ( FOLLOW HIM) AND NEVER ABANDON HIM. IF YOU SUCCESSFUL, NEVER ABANDON HIM AND FIND THE TRUE PATH. Ah - and he pointed to his chest - how I long to see him.

"LET NOTHING HOLD YOU BACK FROM SWEARING ALLEGIANCE TO HIM (FROM BEING HIS FOLLOWER, FROM FOLLOWING HIM) those who hold you back are those who have always sought refuge in corruption. If they speak, they speak evil, and if they are silent, they are impious and perverse." (Sheik Muhammad ibn Ibraham Numani, al-Ghaybah al-Numani, P. 252).

Ponder over these words and may the Spirit of God guide you towards the path of truth.

I will come your way soon.

Yours in the Lord's vineyard, Ikechukwu Ofoegbu.

For more enquiry kindly go through the following websites: brideofchristministryworldwide.org, previewof brideofchristministry.org, chroniclesofbridalfaithworldwide.org

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