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Why Every Christian Need to Know the Biblical Explanations of Isaiah 13:12

The prophecies of Isaiah were not just given for some abstract speculations, but to be pointers for those who were his contemporaries and the posterity concerning the coming of the Lord to establish His kingdom. This coming of the Lord, which comes after the end time, is usually designated by the term "the Lord's Day" in the scriptures.(Isaiah 13,14 and 15)

In one of the prophecies of Isaiah as indicated above, there is a deep message about the Lord's Day in Isaiah 13:12. This is what it says.

In the the first line, God says "I will make man more precious than fine gold". The word "precious" was used to mean that it will hard find a man. And man, in this context does not man literally, but a divine nature of God's love and truth in the church, since man is the image of God and God is love. So, it means that love for one's neighbor and for the Lord will be rare in those days as gold is hard to find.

In the end time, when the sun and moon will be darkened, (Isaiah 13:10; Matthew 24:29) it means that love and truth will be scarce and hard to find, so that people will have to search very hard to get the truth like people find it difficult to find the gold of Ophir which was the most expensive and rare gold in those days.

In fact, this "man"—the divine love and truth of God—will be so scarce and rare that there will be no way to replace them.

This is one of the messages of Jesus concerning the end of age which He taught His disciples with. For this reason, every christian need to observe the situation he or she is in so that they may understand the moment when their salvation will appear from the Lord.

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