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4 Habits Christians Should Stop Doing While In The Church

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Many christians are denying themselves from receiving miracles without their knowledge. They attend church programs every time, asking God for miracles and when the miracles fail to come, they blame God or the pastor for not praying enough. 

God answers prayers but some bad attitudes can prevent God from answering your prayers. Below are four of such attitudes.

Being Proud In God's Presence 

The Bible, on several occasions, described how God hates proud people. Despite these warnings, many people still exhibit this attitude in the church. Some people don't kneel before God in the church, even while the minister is on his knees. They act with contempt as if they are the ones that want to help God.

If you can't humble yourself before God, don't expect Him to bless you. He lifts the humble and despises the proud.

Engaging In Side Discussions During Sermons 

Many people have missed great encounters because of this attitude. This category of members are always engaged in one activity or the other when the sermon is on. It's either they are tapping their phones or discussing with others.

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God will only bless a serious-minded individual that gives complete attention to Him during church programs. If you can't focus on God when in the Church, it will be difficult for God to attend to you.

Refusing To Testify Of What God Has Done For Them 

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The Bible made it clear that testimony begets victory (see Revelation 12:11). It also builds the faith of others in believing God for their miracles. Unfortunately, many members that God has blessed don't share their testimonies with others. They keep it to themselves not knowing they are preventing God from doing more for them.


Some church members are so stingy that they find it difficult to give back to God from that which He has given them. This class of members always speaks against tithe paying, not because they have any biblical proof but because they don't want to give to God. 

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If they have the opportunity, this kind will advocate for the abolishment of every form of offering in the church. They want to receive from God but don't want to return a little part of what they receive for the running of the church. 

If your hands are closed towards God, He will also close His hands towards you. The choice is yours. 

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