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Do Not Stop Him For Whoever Is Not Against You Is For You-Mbaka

Catholic priest and the spiritual director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria(AMEN) has during one of the programs of the Ministry stressed on the importance of the children of God being tolerant. He said, holiness is not an exclusive for anyone. Therefore, God can use, bless or make impact through to the society through anybody at His will.

The outspoken Catholic priest added that, everyone has the right to be a child of God. "We have to be tolerant to people, we have to respect everyone and never look down on anyone. We should never think we are better than off anyone. We should not be jealous of people who are excelling like we do. We should not block people's opportunity or make it difficult for people to climb the ladder of greatness. He said.

The workaholic man of God stated that, in the Scripture when John reported an incidence of who was driving demon to Jesus in his name after they stopped him due to they thought he was different from them and did not recieve their kind of training. They espected kudos from Jesus, but instead he rebuked and blamed them for not being tolerant. " Jesus said, do not stop him, for whoever is not against you is for you. Therefore, it is not the right of anybody to determine who should be allowed to use the name of Jesus or judge anybody. He added.

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