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What Nigeria Wants Is Not Church Or Mosque- Lady Said, See What She Listed Nigerian Need

It so unfortunate how people are being carried away with doctrine forgetting to do what God has placed them to do on earth. God has given everybody wisdom and responsibility to parlot the affairs of this world without stressing themselves. Though many people are being affected because of what they hear and this put fear in them which make them not to do what they supposed to do. However, a twitter user with the name "Ifa Funsho" tweeted what Nigeria needs is beyond religion, pastors and Imams.

However, according to her she said "What we need now in Nigeria is technology, science, Afrocentric, schools not churches or mosques, not pastors or Imams. We have heard enough of it, we need to excuse ourselves from religious activities." Though what she mean is that, it's time Nigerians, Africans pay more attention to things people need to survive, it good to be involve in religion activities but that will not make you not to do things that will improve lives.

We are too focus on religion activities and forget to implement the wisdom God gave us and if things did not work we think God has forsaken us not knowing that we are the one that failed to help ourselves. God has blessed us with everything, we should stop using religion to cover up our responsibility. It is time to work and not to pray and fast, we have been doing that for long. Though is good to be involved in religious works, we need God to survive but we need to apply wisdom in what we are doing.

What this country need is, technology, science, Afrocentric, schools and this will help to improve the whole of Africa.

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