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Northerners react to a Muslim guy who proposed to his girlfriend in public

So this young man from Kano state, yesterday went on his kneels to propose to his girlfriend in kano. Being yesterday was her birthday too.

So the young man decided to surprise his girlfriend with double surprise Birthday gift, and marriage proposal.

But being them Muslims, it is prohibited for a man to hug or shake the hand of woman. That's not his wife. But anyways, the young man went ahead and proposed to his girlfriend.

On a video that was circulating round the internet yesterday, the girl is seen falling on the guy's body hugging him which is very wrong in Islam.

So lot of people from the North, had start spitting out words. That what the lovers did was so wrong and a disgrace to Islam cause she's not yet his wife.

While others said, that let them enjoy its their time, And others went saying that they were out of line for what they did. cause that not what the Islam teaches. And that wasn't their tradition.

But now the Hizbah committee in kano, the committee deals with anyone who violet the Islamic Religion that they would look into the matter.

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