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17 Warfare prayers and decrees for breakthrough

1. I decree war in the camp of my enemies, in the name of Jesus.

2. I order by the power that’s in the name of Jesus, that everything fighting my existence and shining, be bound.

3. I restrict every operation of strongholds working in me, my family, and my career, in the name of Jesus.

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4. By the reason of the blood of Jesus, I bind every evil plague of darkness at work in my life.

5. I expel every contamination in my system that has been put there by the initiation of any kind, in the name of Jesus.

6. I divorce myself from every evil covenant that is speaking against my life and destiny.

7. I decree that the anger of God be quickened to destroy every hidden power standing at the door of my breakthrough.

8. I bind, spoil, and destroy every strongman that has been in charge of diverting my goodness.

9. I decree peace on every side and woe in the assembly of my enemies, in Jesus’ name.

10. I stand on God’s word, and I take into captivity every spirit that desires to make me a captive in Jesus’ name.

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11. O Lord, let every hanging breakthrough meant for me locate me speedily.

12. I break the curses of unfruitfulness and bad luck in my life, by the power in the blood of Jesus.

13. I release every of my inheritance in the custody of my enemy, in the name of Jesus.

14. I will excel beyond the desires of my enemies, I will be prosperous beyond the imaginations of my enemies, and I will not die untimely, in the name of Jesus.

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15. I paralyze all thoughts of the evil one to conspire against my life, and I decree his disgrace.

16. I break every hold of the devil upon my life, upon my business, and my family.

17. I send on an errand the angels of God against every power in the heavens, earth, or sea, stealing from me, in the name of Jesus.

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