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Tithe In The Reality Of New Testament.

The issue of tithing isn't about giving more or giving less, it is about giving right. Just like prayers, it is not about praying more or praying less, it's about praying right. So, tithe simply means, ten percent and to some people, ten percent is not generous giving. Again, tithe to some people means a law with something attached, however, in the reality of the New Testament, tithe can mean something different.

Tithing should be seen as "memorial", in order words it shouldn't mean ten percent, it should be an act sponsored by faith. God didn't instruct Abraham to pay tithe to Melchizedek, Abraham simply gave it out of faith. It would have been more or less, the important thing there is the motive, it was done in faith.

To the believer, generous giving isn't what we do to get God convinced about blessing us, it is what we do because we are convinced that God has blessed us. Engaging ourselves in the debate of whether to tithe or not might continue to create entirely the wrong message because many of us engage in this debate out of bitterness and not love.

Rather, we should focus on changing the perspective and making people to understand that "tithe" in the New Testament simply means "stewardship", we shouldn't discourage people into believing that there is no gain in giving for the gospel. We should take our time to teach the word of God, defend the gospel and stand against false teaching.

False teachers have make merchandise of the gospel and we must do the needful by teaching the right thing. I believe that every trend has its purpose, I don't see it as solely as the enemies attach, I see it as a movement that will spark off something better in the body of Christ.

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