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"No Matter What The Enemy Throws At You, Endure Hardship As A Soldier Of Christ" -Pastor Olukoya

Being a Christian is not easy in any way, there are many troubles and challenges you have to face. If you are not strong enough you might succumb to the plea of the devil and lose your place in heaven. Pastor Daniel Olukoya encouraged us in his MFM manual today where he talked about hardships and how a Christian should handle them. The title of the message was LEADERSHIP LESSONS FROM BIBLE CHARACTERS (III).

He shared some biblical examples of people who went through hard times but persevered and went on to be successful people. The first name on his list was Joseph. Since the birth of Joseph, he was always under constant attack from people around him. Due to the glory of God in his life, his brothers didn't like him at all and it got to a time when they sold him off. After he was sold off, the wife of Potiphar managed to lie against him and he ended up in prison.

Despite all these, Joseph didn't give up and was still hopeful that better times were coming, he continued to serve God in his cell till he was recognized and exalted. He likened the story of Joseph to that many Christians are facing today, our brothers might hate us, people in power might be lying against us, but if the Lord is with us then we will surely succeed.

Apostle Paul is another example, he was persecuted and insulted for his passion for Christ. He didn't give up though, he kept on and became one of the most successful Apostles of all time. No matter what you are facing in this life, do not give up because the Lord has a plan for you and he will surely come to your rescue when the time is right.

Source: MFM Daily Devotional was written by Pastor Daniel Olukoya


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