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True Story: I Disobeyed My Pastor By Not Entering The Rain To Church And This Happened.

My awful experience occurred last week, which has taught me a very good lesson, that it is honourable and favourable to listen to elders and spiritual heads when they speak or pass caution.

 It was last week Sunday, it rained heavily and because my street became flooded, coupled with the fact, that I had no umbrella, I concluded not to go to church. 

My pastor called me just few minutes before the Sunday service was to start, that he couldn't see me anywhere around the church, asking if all was well with me, I replied yes, but wasting no time to present my excuses why I couldn't make it to church. 

My pastor went further to encourage and urged me to come to church, that it wasn't in my best form of practice, not to come to church because it rained and was still raining. 

Well, i believe my pastor ended the call in anticipation, that after hearing his words, I would come to the church service. 

I am not proud to say this, but I disobeyed my pastor, and my disobedience became a detriment to my financial savings. 

The money I was paid the Saturday before the Sunday, by a customer who owed me some huge amount of cash, which I kept at home with the intention to deposit it, to the bank by Monday, was stolen from me, by robbers. 

I heard noises from my neighbours apartment, it made me so uncomfortable, that I went to see what was happening, unfortunately I walked into armed robbers, trying to break into my neighbour's apartment, the robbers forced me against my will into my apartment, they collected all the money I had, including the money my customer paid me, though I am glad i still have my life, I wasn't harmed, but i regret not obeying my pastor's order to attend church service. 

Please, if you have not been listening to your spiritual fathers or elder ones, I urge you to start listening to them. 

Have you ever regretted anything that happened to you, because you didn't listen to the advice of your elders or spiritual heads? 

Please, share below on the comment session, for others to learn. 

Content created and supplied by: Ovie_Ohwovoriole (via Opera News )

True Story


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