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CAMA LAW: For those comparing the UK Government with Nigerian Government



-Pastor Dennis Woruka Jnr

To those of you who think the Government regulates Churches in the UK and as such, the CAMA Bill in Nigeria should stand.

I am a Pastor in the UK. This means I can speak on this issue.

As a Church in the UK, you are seen as a charity. The UK government gives grants to the Church. For example, the government can give you £50k (N30 million Naira) at the end of the year based on how much your Church performed that year.

Because of this, the Government checks your finances to ensure the grants given to you are merited. This is how the UK Government regulates churches. 

The CAMA Bill does not make any sense in Nigeria, because the Nigerian Government, to the best of my knowledge, does not give any form of grants to any Church in Nigeria. How do you want to regulate the finances of the Church , to the extent of changing her board, when the Church does not benefit from you, financially.

Therefore, stop comparing the UK Government with Nigeria in relation to this CAMA Bill.

I am not against the government tracking down fraud or any form of money laundering.

Please note:

My Church (Fountain of Souls Ministries Int'l UK) has never collected any form of grant from the UK Government and we do not intend to do so.

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