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The Story Of A Woman Who Called Herself The God Of Heaven And Earth In Lagos State (Video)

Olayinka Oladupupo

It is no longer news that there are several stories of people who have claimed to be one name or another. This is common among us humans, but it would be wrong if a man or woman desired in his or her mind to compete with God Almighty by claiming he is God. 

The story you are about to read is the story of a woman named Olayinka Olapupo, who was the founder of the New Jerusalem Church that is found at Mushin in Lagos State. 

When things began to turn good for this woman, she suddenly claimed that she was the God of heaven and earth. 

This was observed in a video that was made by Kolawole Olawuyi, an investigative journalist who made a visitation to the woman's church in Mushin after having heard that a 21-year-old girl died in her church. When Kolawole Olawuyi interviewed her, she made it clear that she was born of an Ijebu mother because she wanted to know what the people she created were done with everything she had created. When she finished creating heaven and earth, she noticed that people were dying without them waiting for their time. That's why she resolved to come to earth so that she would know what was going on. 

Kola Olawuyi

After her narrative description of herself, Kola Olawuyi now asked her to tell her part in the story of the young girl that died in her church. 

According to the information, the girl that died was named Bose and it was reported that she had adopted the girl from her mother in 1997, but what seemed suspicious about the girl's death was how she was buried swiftly after her demise. 

However, some things were noticed about the corpse of the girl. It was reported that the military hospital where the corpse was taken to conducted a forensic operation on the girl and that revealed something that the pathologist called a strange occurrence about the girl. 

The pathologist claimed that a gaping hole of injection was found under the girl's armpit and when the woman who claimed to be God was consulted about the hole, she claimed that there is a section in her church where people are given an anointed injection, which means the girl had died due to a spurious injection. 

What followed afterward was that the woman who claimed to be the God of heaven and earth was arrested and taken to the police criminal department (CID) Panti, where she was interrogated and detained. 

In conclusion, she spent days under detention, and that sounds so degrading in the sight of the people who have been calling her God. Though she is still at the place in Lagos, since she was detained, she has been on a very low key. 

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