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What Bishop Oyedepo needs to learn from Pastor Adeboye on the issue of lockdown

Oyedepo vs Adeboye. What Bishop Oedepo should learn from Pastor Adeboye about the blockade?

Of course, there is a world of differences between the two psychics. One showed maturity to solve the problem, and the other made a strong voice decision about the government's efforts to solve the problem.

It must be said that the present situation is the revelation of the truth that we are all especially our pastors.

In particular, the two main leaders seem to have taken the irritating reasoning that the government should have opened churches some time ago.

Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Chris Oyakilome has greatly underestimated statements about the closure at various times over the past three months.

Recently, Bishop Oyedpepo was accused earlier this Sunday of provoking the Lagos State government and the Ogun government, which was offended this Sunday by saying it was an anti-church virus that had been influenced.

It is remarkable at this point that the man of God cares that the church is under the rule of the day, that God is the leader in the positions of authority which they have in their favor for the benefit of the people.

It is interesting to note that another person who is reverent in God may be more reverent than he is in the person of Pastor E.A. Adeboye did not say as much as the only controversy against the government or the ongoing processes to limit the spread of the virus.

In contrast, Pastor Adeboye continued to maintain the weekly Sunday service with which rescuers were televised, continued to pray for the government, and the people in general for God to block the plague.

Why is Bishop Oyedepo so outraged by this issue of reopening churches? Must ask.

Bishop Oyedepo should take Pastor Adeboye's poster and keep calm. The church is not, in fact, the building, but the people of God.

He must make more use of the resources available with the new era to make sure that his herd stays together, does not constantly burden the government's efforts to protect the lives of its citizens.

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