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Tonight’s Prayer is for All The Firstborn, Please Pray It seriously.

Being the first child in your family comes with so much work and responsibilities. As a first child you are charged with the task of setting the pace for others coming behind you, because it is believed things can only be good or bad for your younger ones based on the road you traded on. Some of you see yourself living a life you don’t want to live simply because of being in that position. 

Apart from the natural responsibility, the spiritual responsibility is something every first child must put into consideration. This explains why most first child are lacking behind, because the devil understands the spiritual ordination given to them and will fight to the last blood to ensure their destiny are uttered, cause he knows that whatever affects the firstborn, affects the rest. This is why you must take your life seriously as a firstborn child. God speaking to Moses in Exodus 13:1-2 told him to consecrate every firstborn to Him. This point down to how important every firstborn is to God and the role the are to play in their family, and the devil is going around, doing all he could to frustrate them. 

If you are a firstborn in your family, you are not expected to live your life like others. And one of the greatest thing you most dedicate you time to is prayer. When you pray as the first born you see results. The ordination of God upon your life puts you in charge of your family. Being soft in prayer will worsen things for. You are a creature of prayer so you must pray. 

The following are prayers you should do and you must mean them. 

1. Lord grand me insight to lead my life out of wreckage.

2. Lord open me up to endless dimensions.

3. Open me up to multiple streams of income. 

4. Lord I declare with the authority of Jesus Christ that am separated from every ancestral limitations.

5. I cancel every demonic manipulation militating in my life and family. 

6. Father I believe that this prayed are reaching heaven and they are answered with divine intervention. 

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