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3 Prophetic Prayers Against Demonic Manipulation.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon that has never failed. The potency of prayer can not be overemphasised. Right from time immemorial, prayer has brought about the emancipation of many. God is still in the business of transforming lives and destiny. God will grant you freedom from all witchcraft manipulations. Key into the prophetic prayers below to be free from witchcraft manipulations.

1. God will grant you freedom from all witchcraft activities. Lots of people could not achieve their destiny because of Witchcraft manipulation. Witches are very wicked as their operation is no longer hidden. Witchcraft powers are so powerful that anybody overseas can be bewitched. It is not a laughing matter is only prayers that can paralyze these powers of darkness completely. You have to pray aggressively against the powers of witchcraft. In most cases, you must pray the prayers in the middle of the night. However, if you experience the following signs, it shows that you are under the manipulation of witchcraft powers. Please note that they can come in form of human beings, they could also come from your relatives. With my years of experience dealing with human beings, I observe that some people are actually under the control of other people. Witches can use anyone to manipulate people's life. Every sorcerer trying to take your life will be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus.

2. The Presence of God. Without Him in our lives, nothing is worthwhile, but with Him, everything can have meaning, purpose and effectiveness. Jesus and His presence in any particular situation almost always lead to a miracle or many miracles.

3. The glory of God drives away evil spirits from people. May the glory of God never depart from you.

In conclusion, God Is all that we need to be free from manipulation.

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