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Bible And IPad... The Misconception Part 1.

Someone has once asked me when I went to church, "Sir where is your Bible?". I showed him my 10.1 inches pad. "But sir" he said, "this is not Bible, this is ipad, you need to carry Bible". Or are you shy of the gospel? I did not reply him, I was marvelled because the person saying this is a pastor, I expected him to know more.

Now this is my point, before the advance of printing press, the scriptures or the ten commandments was written on a scroll. The delivery methods have changed but the words have not changed. Moses preached from a stone, Jesus and the apostles preached from scroll, when the printing press was invented in the Roman Empire by Johannes Gutenberg, around 1440 preaching continued from printed books.

The advent of technology makes it more easier, with the invention of iPads and Tablets, the message is still been preached from them! The method of delivery has changed from stone to scroll, from scroll to papers and gradually from papers to Tablets and iPads... But what is being delivered is the same message. Just like emails and text messages is beginning to replace letter writing, technology is beginning to replace various paper books.

In the universities today, student's textbooks are mostly e-book which must be accessed with iPads and other technologies, where quiz is done with a computer or iPad, where exam is also computer based. Yet we are learning the same thing others are learning with even more advantage! The same applied to Bible, so in school, a student can actually use an iPad to download all his textbooks for the entire levels without necessarily carrying loads of books. It doesn't make him not to remain a student, the same applied to christians!

No matter how large your Bible is, it does not prove your Christianity. It was not carrying of Bible that brought about the name "christians". In act 11:26, it was the results that caused people to call them christians(Christ-like) and not carrying of Bible. Am not discouraging people from carrying Bible but we must not assume that its carrying a Bible that makes a Christian! No! It's having the word in you, meditating on it day and night and revealing it to others with power that will really make people to say "yes, he's a Christian". The results people see in you should be the reason to call you christian not because of Bible you carry. The apostles was not known by carrying scroll around, they were known by carrying power and extra ordinary anointing.

You are free to follow up for part 2! Also, feel free to like, comments and share!

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