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As A Muslim, Here Are Reasons Why You Should Always Fast On The Day Of Arafah

Arafah Day falls on the ninth day of Dhu'l-Hijjah (I.e the Islamic calendar's 12th and final month). It is the day when pilgrims gather on the plain of Arafah to worship.

Muslims around the world who do not perform the annual Hajj will fast for the entire day in preparation for the three-day holiday that follows Eid ul-Adha (i.e the festival marking the conclusion of the Hajj commemorating the willingness to sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim).

According to the Quran;

"Fasting on the Day of 'Arafah absolves sins for two years: the previous year and the coming year, whereas fasting on 'Ashura (the tenth day of Muharram) atones for prior years' sins."

In another account, the Prophet's wife Hafsah, quoted as saying:

"On the day of 'Ashura, 'Arafat, three days every month, and offering fajr sunnah prayers early in the morning, the Messenger of Allâh never forgot four things." according to Muslim.

Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something today.

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