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Say This Prayer To Commit Yourself Unto The Lord This New Month.

Heavenly Lord, I thank you for the gift of life and health. Many have died already while some are suffering from severe illness on the hospital beds, I glorify your name because neither of these is my portion.

Lord, please forgive all my sinful acts that are against your commandments. No human is perfect as I am bound to always sin. However with your infinitive mercy I ask for forgiveness. On behalf of my family and friends, I say forgive us Lord.

Dear Lord, I am here today again on this first day of the month, I pray for long life and sound health. Any form of evil spirit that might claim either my life or health should be casted away from me and my loved ones. Throughout the days of this month, no illness should befall me Lord.

Almighty Lord, I ask for financial support from you because You are the giver of all, You make people rich because You are the Richest. None of my family members and friends should have the reason to beg for their needs before they have it. Visit us in this new month with financial stability.

Oh Lord, I commit all my movements in this month unto You. Grant me safe trips everytime I the cause to travel, the spirit of road accidents should not be my portion and my family members. Cover us with Your safety Lord.

God, I commit my academic activities into your Hands Lord. All failure and carryover in this semester should be casted away from my life and my loved ones. Excellent result is what I pray for. Promotion after promotion is what I ask for Lord.

Almighty God, I say thank you because you are ready to answer my prayers. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for the fact you will still be there for me. I have no one to run to except you. Grant my prayers dear Lord.

Say more prayers if you need to at this moment because your Lord is ready to answer your prayers. Type AMEEN and Share this article prayer to everyone you love and the Almighty shall continue to be with you, protect you, ease your affairs, grant your heart desires and always crown your efforts with Success. Don't forget to Like. Thank you, God bless you.

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