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Your Pastor Is Not A God, They Are Human Being Like You. Please Pray For Them Against Devil's Trial

In this article, I want to call attention of our Christian Brothers and sisters to keep praying for the pastors because they need our prayer.

I'm raising this because, majority of the worshipers didn't know what pastors are passing through in their ministerial calls.

Most of the people think they are just sleeping and flexing with the church money. Meanwhile what pastors are facing many challenges that they can not tell any of their church members. Because they might not understand pastor's parable.

Majority of the worshipers are selfish, because they will just carry loads of problem to their pastors with the aimed of getting delivered from their worries without consider that pastors are human being like them. They married, bornt children and living just like others are living.

Some are selfish to the extent that when their prayer has been answered they won't remember to give anything to pastor talk less of prayer. They will not remember that someone is at somewhere fasting and praying on their behalf.

They have forgot that devil and his co-workers are chasing pastors just like the way they were doing to others. Because all the spirit chased away by pastors from you will be worrying them for revenge. That is why you will see in the news that one pastor raped church member and other devilish activities that not suit for pastor's name.

This things are happening because people failed to pray for restoration of power for their pastors.

So, I advise you all to remember the pastor of your churches whenever you are praying either on the mountain or inside your rooms.

Pray For restoration of power for the pastors to defeat devil's trials in their life.

Kindly start the prayer through the comment box and don't forget to share to social media for other believers.

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