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My position as a priestess of Olokun is bigger than that of a prophet or a pastor's wife–Yeye Lara

Yeye Lara Fashola-Fanimokun, the woman who renounced Christianity to become a high priestess of Olokun deity has maintained that the position she occupied as a priestess is a higher hierarchy (bigger) compared to the position of a prophet or a pastor's wife, popularly referred to as mummy G. O.

In her explanation, the priestess maintained that the reason why she is high in the hierarchy is that she is the representative of all the traditional deities called the Orisa. And that despite serving as a prophetess in a church for 25 years, she didn't feel at peace until she renounced Christianity and started worshiping the Olokun deity.

Yeye Lara, who is also a maritime lawyer, revealed that she finds more joy and feels accomplished serving the Olukun deity which placed her ahead of the Prophet. "I'm more than a prophet, I'm more than a mummy G.O", Yeye Lára maintained.

She went further to talk about how most Africans have been brainwashed to view the traditional practice as evil and also stress the need for people to go back to serving their traditional gods, which she believes can help solve most problems that they are facing today.

Yeye Lara Fashola-Fanimokun in conclusion said she feels like her destiny has finally been fulfilled as she is currently the 'Oluase' Olokun worldwide and a high priestess of Olokun deity. 

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