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What you should do in an awful situation in life which you cannot change.

To worry about your life predicament is not the ultimate, no one can get a solution to an awful situation by worrying. Everyone has one thing or the other which discomforts him/her, but what makes you look better than others is how you manage it or work to get rid of it in your life.

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to deprive yourself of joy. Joy is the common but one of the most important things your life needs. You cannot just worry yourself and expect yourself to look good and healthy. So many people have lost their lives on the course of worrying about an awful situation which they cannot change, but the matter is this, were they able to get solutions to their predicaments? No! To worry does nothing other than depreciating your health or even giving you a health challenge that is bigger than the problem you are worrying about. So what is the need to worry since it will aggravate your predicament?

When you find yourself in an awful situation which you cannot change in life, do not question God, all you should do is to be tenacious in your faith in God, take solace in the word of God, and most importantly maintain joy in your life believing that the situation is a blessing in disguise. And God has a divine purpose in your life.

Also believe that there is no awful situation God cannot change, God can make impossibility to become possible. So what is the need to worry since everything is in the hands of God to make or change? Can you change it yourself by worrying? No! When you worry so much, the devil will creep into your heart and become your counsellor to deceive you so that you may go astray and infuriate the anger of God upon yourself.

I do not know what you have been battling with for years now which is trying to kill your peace of mind, if only you will have faith in God, take solace in the word of God and never let the awful situation kill your Joy, you shall find peace and it shall be well with you.

May God bless you, Amen!

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