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Prayer For God's Mercy

Picture Credit : Google (For Illustration).

Oh Lord, my God, I raise my head up to you, have mercy on me, I really need your help, don't leave me alone, don't forsake me because in you I put my trust. Come to my aids, don't let me suffer in life, always meeting me at the points of my needs. Let your eyes shall upon me, my family and my work.

Oh Lord, let your mercy speaks for me, let your divine mercy be my portion, let your mercy encompass me. Mercy of God, speaks for me, upholds and sustains my life.

Let your mercy link me up spiritually, financial, economically and socially. Let your showers of mercy falls on me in all ramifications of my life. Mercy of God, be my anchor and fortress. Oh mercy of God, hold my hands, lead mein the right direction where I will be able to locate my destiny's helpers.

Mercy of God, holds me physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Mercy of God, helps me to achieve all my heart's desires in life and at the end of my life, let this mercy speaks for me. Amen.

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