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3 Signs You Are Being Attacked By Witchcraft And What You Need To Beware Of

All over the world, people acknowledge the fact that we live in a spiritual world where people use dark magic to influence or destroy other people.

Every religion identifies that witches exist and they are powerful enough to do as they please to people around them.

There are many people who are suffering from the attacks of witches without even realizing it, such people may attach these attacks to something more believable such as a medical condition or a personal error.

Now what are the many things that will allow you to know you are under attack of witchcraft?

If you experience any of the followings, then you need to pay closer attention:

1. Your Pictures and other personal stuffs do go missing

You are always looking for your personal items like clothes, shoes, bags and pictures.

It is at that point you need to show your friend or colleagues a picture, then suddenly you cannot find it.

There are many other things in your house that do go missing without traces or hints of where they are or what needs to be done in order to get them back and you kept wondering what is happening to you.

2. You are always experiencing bad lucks

If no matter what you do, it always lead you to one form of disappointment or the other, you should start taking note that there is a stronger influence around you that you are not very much aware of.

You have checked that you do nothing wrong; when others are doing something and getting results, your own case seems to be opposite, failure is what you got instead of recording success, if this is happening, take note, something is wrong and most likely dark magic is being used against you.

3. Your thoughts seems like they are not your own

Many times you see negative thoughts seeping through your mind.

Ordinarily, you are a very positive and optimistic person but the kind of thoughts that come to your mind looks like suggestions from someone, be wary, chances are, they are not your thoughts.

Sometimes you hear voices as if people are telling you what you cannot do, telling you to stop trying or even suggesting that you kill yourself, you have to act fast, your mind is being attacked by dark forces.

All said, what must you do if you are experiencing all what is stated above?

Only God is higher than all powers. You need to act fast and seek spiritual solution from men of God or consult people who are specialist in helping people with these kinds of problems.

Don't waste any further time, and you must constantly observe the things that are happening to you as this will allow you to make a reasonable conclusion about what is happening to you.

And a quick word of caution though, make sure you talk to genuine men of God and don't be a victim of those who take advantage of other people's problems.

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