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The 2 forces that fight against a man's destiny.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are not doing well after you have done all the required things to change your life situation? Sometimes you see people whom you are far better than doing better than you in life, and considering your life, you are very sure no one has cursed you and you did not wrong anyone at all.

I want you to understand this today, that as soon as a man is born, forces rise against him. And the way he fights these forces will determine how successful he will be in life.

The Bible expressed that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, evil dominion and demonic influence. That is why you must be strong and spiritually conscious of the activities in the spiritual realms.

Never give up or relent in prayers because that is the weapon you need in the spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness and the forces fighting against your destiny.

1. Forces of distraction: these have to do with the various activities which man gets himself involved in. The aim of these forces is to make man lead sinful life so that the grace of God can depart from him. And once the grace of God has departed from him, the devil will begin to manipulate his destiny. You also have to know that every sin which man commits, there is a particular demon in charge of it. The devil discovered that there is no way he can make man to fall other than making man to disobey God, therefore, he made man to be distracted and man disobeyed God leading to his downfall.

2. Forces of ancestral covenant: so many people's destinies are being manipulated by these forces. Many years ago, some of our forefathers involved in certain covenants with some deities and demons which have manifested in this age to manipulate the destiny of their progenies. Sometimes, after observing your life, you are very sure that you are not under any curse, yet it seems your effort to succeed is futile or you are under curse. Sometimes, these might not be curses but forces of ancestral covenant which our forefathers entered. However, these demons hold on to these covenants to manipulate our destiny.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that whatever demonic influence militating against your destiny, let it be destroyed. I declare upon your head, child of God, receive liberation and be successful in Jesus name! Amen.

May your destiny be fulfilled in Jesus name! Amen!

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