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Reasons why Catholics call Mary, "the Ark of the Covenant. "

A Covenant is a sacred and loving relationship or agreement between God and humanity. The term covenant is derived from the Latin word convenire meaning come together, one mind and an agreement. The holy scriptures revealed that the ancient Hebrew agreed to a spiritual covenant friendship with God, which was more than a mere business deal and was to last forever. And whenever the people chose to jeopardize the original covenant relationship through sinful choices and alliances , great misfortune and sorrow befell them.

   In the covenant agreement, the Jewish people during the time of moses were given divine commandments written on the two tablets of stone. The covenant was carried in a box often called the "ark of the covenant" . But when God later found faults with the old covenant( because the people had fallen away from their covenant faithfulness) he promised to change it with new and lasting one. Heb8:7-13. In the new testament, God replaced the old covenant with a new and lasting covenant, which is Jesus Christ, to perfectly set people free from the wrongs they did while the old covenant was in force. Heb 9:15. This is Gods greatest covenant with humankind. It all started when the angel Gabriel, came to Mary and ask he to be the mother of God. With faith she reply: I am the Lords servants, may it happen to me as you have said"lk.1:38. At this juncture, Mary became the new" ark " carrying the covenant and the first tarbanacle of the new covenant . so Mary womb he dwelt in and was Carried about, is the ark of the new covenant.

     As the old ark was made of precious and incorruptible wood, containing staff of Aron the high priest, the tablets of the law and the Mann's of the desert, which was regarded as seat of God and the safeguard of the children of Israel, so is the new ark made of a virgin Mary, who is immaculate and incorrupt, and bore within her most pure womb, not merely staff of Aaron but Jesus Christ himself( high priest) not merely the tablets of the law but the divine legislature himself, who is the fulfillment of the law and the living bread that came down from heaven and is the protection of all Christian people, the Israelite of the new testament . Heb. 9:3-4;jn6:51-58.

 Just as king David arose and went to the" hill of Judah" in order to bring the ark of old to Jerusalem 2 Sam 6:1-3;1 chr. 13:5-6, so also Mary the new ark arose and went to the house of Zechariah, in the "hill country of Judaea" , in order to visit Elizabeth. Lk.1:39-40.

 As king David leapt and danced with joy because of the coming of the ark of old into Jerusalem 2 Sam. 6:5;1 chr13:8, so also john the Baptist leapt and dance with joy in the womb of Elizabeth because of the coming of Mary the new ark into their house. Lk1:44. And just as David exclaimed with a loud cry and said, " How can the ark come to me now?"-2 sam6:9 1 chro. 13:12, "why should this great thing happen to me, that my lord's mother (I.e Mary the new ark) comes to visit me?". Lk1:43.

 While the ark of old stayed three months in the house of Edom, and the lord blessed obed and his family 2 sam6:11, so also , Mary the new ark stayed three months in the house of Zechariah and the lord blessed Zechariah and his family and filled them with his holy spirit lk. 1:56. Elizabeth was even blessed with the gift of prophecy lk.1:41-42 and Zechariah was able to speak again as he too was blessed with the gift of prophecy lk1:62;1:67-80. John the baptist was also blessed by being baptized and consecrated in the womb of his mother and was born immaculate ( but was not conceived immaculate) while Zechariah means " the messiah will come" , john means the messiah has come", and Elizabeth means the " lord has remembered his promise".

    In the old testament, just as the ark of the covenant performed wonders, so also Mary the new ark performed wonders, not only like the ark of old , but in a sense , more than it. Whenever the Israelite of old took the ark to a battle, they came back victorious Joshua 6;1-26; Num31:1-12. So also , whenever Mary the new ark battles with the deadliest enemy of the children of God called Satan or the red dragon, she defeats him and crushes his head to pieces and the result will be total victory for all Christian people, the Israelite of the new testament. Gen.3:15;rev.12: 1-6 and 13-17. 

 In conclusion I am ending here, there is more about Mary being the new ark of the covenant.

That why we call her in the litany of loreto " ark of the covenant ". Pray for us.

So let us strengthen ours and others Catholic faith and prove to non- Catholic that Mary is ought to be there mother. Thanks

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