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Meet The Wife Of Pastor Tunde Bakare Who Is An Amazing Woman. (See Photos).

Nigeria is blessed with many amazing pastors who have indeed been a blessing to us spiritually, they constantly feed our souls with the word of God and encourage us to live a righteous life. I speak of non other than Pastor Tunde Bakare. He is a prophetic apostolic pastor. In 2011, he was running mate for presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari. He was also described by The Guardian as one of the most politically influential pastors. He is also a teacher, author, activist and a lawyer.

He is happily married to the ever beautiful Olayide Bakare, she is the deputy serving overseer of the church. Her husband is the founder of Citadel Global Community Church. She is a virtuous woman, kind and loves to help others and also put a smile on the faces of people in any way she can. She loves, compliments and supports her husband in all he does. She has truly been an inspiration to a lot of people. Check out these amazing photos of them below.

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