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Prayer Against Monitoring Spirits

The devil and his agents are always at work looking for children of God to destroy. There are demons monitoring the activities of children of God. They wait and watch to frustrate the children of God. And that is why every Christian should always pray against any monitoring spirit hovering over their life to checkmate their activities and know when to act. Say this prayer against any demonic spirit that is hovering over your life monitoring you;

Father most glorious, I thank you for my life, for everything you have done for me. Father, your word has made it clear that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against evils of high places, that can go to any length to ensure that children of God falls out of grace. By the power in the name Jesus, I release the fire of the Holy ghost against any monitoring spirit that givers over me. In Jesus name I pray. I declare myself free from any force of darkness in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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