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Say These Powerful Prayer Points Against The kingdom Of Darkness

Before you will sleep tonight declare these powerful prayers.

-Father Lord, cover me and my family with the blood of Jesus.

-Cover my belonging and my love once will the blood of Jesus.

-I pull down all the stronghold of the devil tonight in Jesus.

-I pray that God will renew my strength tonight in Jesus' name.

-I pray that God will show his infinite mercy upon me and my family in Jesus' name.

-I pray that God will visit your business tonight in Jesus' name.

-I pray that God will change your destiny tonight in Jesus' name.

-All the principalities and powers that rise against me I bind you in Jesus name.

-Cover me with your umbrella tonight in Jesus' name Any spirit of sickness I command you to get out in Jesus' name.

-Any hand right of the devil in my life, I blot you out tonight, in Jesus Christ's name.

 Whoever declares this prayer with me God will grant him/her heart desires in Jesus' name.

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