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Commit This Sunday To God's Hand

Hurray ! Another glorious and blessed Sunday is here again. This beginning of the week which marks the Lord's Day should be committed into the hands of God, the Alpha and Omega of life and all other things. Mind you, only God can see you through this Sunday, therefore, first and formost, begin to appreciate God for this new day and week, thank God for where you have started, where you are presently and where God is taking you to, in life. Appreciate God for His protection, goodness, mercy, favour and provision for you and your family members.

May God Almighty accept your thanks and praises.

Now, commit yourself and the day into the hands of God, ask Him to release the precious blood of Jesus Christ upon your life and the day, cover yourself and this day with the blood of atonement. Tell Jesus Christ to please, use His blood to cleanse your soul from every iniquities and shortcomings, don't forget to cover your entire family members with the blood of Jesus Christ. The word of said, " When I see the blood, I will pass over you," with the blood of Jesus on you and your family members, sickness, sorrow, misfortune and death will pass over you.

Tell God to sanctify this Lord's Day with the blood of Jesus. Ask Him for His divine protection over you and your family members.

Call upon the Lord to go and come with you throughout today, cancel and nullify every arrows of the evil people against your life and your family members.

Plead for the blessings of the Lord's Day, ask God to pour down His mighty and wonderful blessings upon you this Sunday.

The conclusion of the matter is, fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

May the good Lord shower down on you as you join other children of God to worship and serve the Lord this Sunday, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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