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How a lady saw me in a mall, and fell under the power of God __pastor Paul Enenche

Pastor Paul Enenche has disclosed how a lady saw him in the mall and immediately fell under the influence of the holy ghost.

The founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre made the revelation during sunday's service at the glory dome while urging his followers to remain holy and dedicated to God.

"Dr Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on 'UNDERSTANDING THE FEAR OF THE LORD' at 1st Service, Glory Dome.

Father bless everyone here this morning. Thank You for the privilege of Your presence; the honour of knowing You, the grace to hear things like this all the time. Breathe upon this Your daughter, Your son this morning. Church Gist. Assure them that if You can do these things, what is too difficult for You? Show someone today that You are the Alpha, the Omega and everything in-between; the beginning and the end.

You are right here in the presence of the Lord beloveth brothers and sisters, every breath you take right now is saturated with His presence, no affliction can remain in your body, no demon can remain in your system (Just deliberately breathe in and out).

Receive the visitation of Jesus: hour of encounter, change, turnaround; receive it now! Receive His touch, receive His visit; He is changing something in your body, He is turning the situation around your life now, He is frustrating the counsel of the enemy, He is disappointing the devices of the crafty, He is dissolving a mystery and a puzzle around your life and He is doing it free of charge! Church Gist. Receive what your money can't do for you, what your contacts can't do for; it is been done by God right now. I see a cloud of glory; a smoke of glory. Someone is standing right in that glory now and this glory is eliminating shame and reproach, receive it now!

Thank You Master, thank You Father.

Wave your hands and give Him the praise and take your seat in the presence of the Lord.

I'm aware that there are diverse encounters, the touch of God is abundance; very heavy this morning. Wave your hands everywhere you are and worship this great God, honour this great God, adore this great God. If all we did this morning was to praise Him, to worship Him, to honour Him, we didn't waste our time.

Thank You Master, blessed be Your name Lord, honour to Your name in Jesus precious name.

Proverbs 8:13

The subject this morning is: UNDERSTANDING THE FEAR OF THE LORD.

What is the fear of the Lord all about?

The truth is that, there are many people who love God but there are few people who fear God. You can make it to Church because you love God but you make it to Heaven by the fear of God. Church Gist. You can be a successful church person because you love God but you become a successful Heaven bound citizen because you fear God and since our journey does not end on the earth, it is important that we have the fear of God so we make it beyond this life.


1. It is existence with the sense of healthy reverence and respect for God (Ecclesiastes 12:13, Psalm 111:9-10). There are many people who reverence and respect people more than they reverence and respect God. There are many who reverence and respect things more than they reverence and respect God. There are some who will not serve God as they should because somebody said they are serving God too much. Church Gist. There are people who will cancel a church appointment in favour of a big business appointment; there are those who will cancel a spiritual engagement in the favour of a social engagement. There are those who will not come to church because a football match is playing or their popular TV show is showing. Beloveth brothers and sisters, God weighs and judges these things. We must come to the point where there is nothing under Heaven that you respect and reverence more than you respect and reverence God.

I love my wife but I respect God more than her, she knows. She loves me but she respect God more than me, I know and I am aware of that. One day the wife of Smith Wigglesworth was going to church and the husband kept on interrupting her before he gave his life to Christ and the wife, Polly Wigglesworth told the husband; you are my husband but Jesus is my Lord. I will respect you but I will obey my Lord. Church Gist. Beloveth brothers and sisters, is there anybody or anything you respect and reverence more than God? That thing or that person has taken the place of God in your life? The fear of the Lord is existence with the sense of healthy reverence and respect for God.

2. It is existence with abhorrence for unrighteousness and an attraction for righteousness. It is existence with an allergy to evil; you are allergic to evil and addicted to good. Simply put; you hate what God hates and you love what God loves. You don't walk in the counsel of the ungodly, you don't stand in the ways of sinners, you don't sit in the seat of the scornful (Psalm 1:1-3).

It is not possible to fear God and be comfortable with the company of evil. Church Gist. The guy hanging around you is a killer, you know him but you are comfortable with him. The person living with you is living on men to survive and you are okay, that guy is a 419, a gambler, you know him and you are comfortable with him. No, it is not possible. You are allergic to unrighteousness, addicted to righteousness. It is very difficult for me to shake hands with a man who carries a cigarette in his hand, how? You won't even come with that smoke. There are those who are fully at home in the company of the ungodly, wicked people are their companions. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. You may not stop evil but you hate it.

They are giving bribe where you are; you may not be able to stop it but you hate from your heart.


1. The knowledge or the revelation of the Lord. The more of God a person knows, the more of His fear he will walk in (Genesis 28:16-17). When you see His Almightiness and experience your nothingness, fear for God is natural. Church Gist. Every time you see a man walking recklessly without the fear of God, it is because he doesn't have an idea who the Consuming fire is.

2. The activity of the Holy Spirit. Wherever the Holy Spirit works on people, the fear of God abounds. The reason is, the Holy Spirit is also the Spirit of the fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:1-2). When you walk with the Spirit, you walk with the fear of the Lord. When you flow abundantly in the Holy Ghost, you flow abundantly in the fear of the Lord. When you listen to the direction of the Holy Ghost, you are connected to the fear of the Lord.

Whatever causes the Holy Ghost activity to multiply in your life will multiply the fear of the Lord. Church Gist. It is not possible for somebody to claim to be speaking in tongues and that tongue does not translate into the fear of the Lord. It is not possible to be spiritual and not be reverential of God. It is not possible except it is something else but if the real genuine Bible Holy Ghost is in you, your conscience will be as tender as that of a child.

3. The judgement of God. When God executes judgement on the earth, people fear Him (Exodus 14:30-31). Church Gist.We need to come to a point in our Nation and in our generation where judgement will explode like fire and people will be make to know that we serve a God that is real and alive (Isaiah 26:9).

4. The wonders of God activate the fear of God. Yesterday I was at the shopping mall and then I was coming and all of a sudden, a lady sighted me and then she fell under power and was rolling on the ground. She was like a house maid of another woman. The woman was pregnant with her husband. She said, please come and pray for her, let her be free. Church Gist. I said what happened? She said she doesn't know, she just saw you and then screamed and began to roll on the floor and I asked are you Christians? No, they are of the other religion. That is, demon does not discriminate.

Have you been to Church before?

Response: No.

Alright, try and be in church this Sunday.

That put an awe on everyone that was there. When the wall of Jericho collapsed, the people were in awe. Church Gist. Everytime the wonders of God explode, people fear. We are about to see things in our generation that will cause people to quake, that will cause people to fear God, that will cause people to serve God by force. We are going to see judgement on witches and judgement on agents of darkness that will make people to fear God.

Stand up on your feet.

Lift up your hands everybody.

I saw someone in the realm of the Spirit held captive inside a local village hut. Another person under the torment of a greenish serpentine affliction and that migraine, that chain around your waist, that spirit of confusion and frustration, depression is leaving you now!!!

- I command that demonic hut, that prison, that cage scattered, destroyed in the name of Jesus.

- I declare you out of that cage. I set that serpent on fire now!

Thank You Master, blessed be Your name.

-I cut that demon off your life in the name of Jesus.

- This week is your week of testimony, your week of results, your week of positive reports, your week of answers in the name of Jesus.

Lift your hands higher and give Him the praise. Thank You Master".

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