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Banditry, Terrorism & Kidnapping May Reduce In The Next 30 Days In Northern Region For This Reason

In spite of the effort of the government of Nigeria to curb the high rate of criminal activities, the security situation in the country has become worsen especially this 2021 as killing, abductions, rape and other activities continues create fear in the country, expecially on local communities.

Northwestern Nigeria has become the safe haven of increasingly active terrorist groups as there have been record of kidnapping, killing which have caused displacement for thousands of people.

However, today being April 13, 2021, Muslims have announced Ramadan all over the world as the month of fasting prayers, reflection and community. It's refer to as one of the five pillar of Islam, and lasts twenty-nine to thirty days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next. 

During Ramadan period, Muslims are restrain from eating food, drinking, smoking tobacco, involving in sexual intercourse and other sinful behaviors.

According to statistics during Ramadan period, there is an evidence that crime rate may drop among Muslim brothers.

However, Boko Haram Islamic group, banditry and others criminal elements may reduce their criminal operations during this period of fasting to keep themselves holy to Allah, especially in the northern region as they will be busy praying and keeping themselves holy to Allah. 

Photo of Boko Haram members praying

No matter how deadly they are, they don't joke with their religion, and they also have respect for Ramadan fasting.

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