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Four Things You Should Always Do While Praying If Your Want Your Prayers To Be Answered

In my earlier post, I have taken my time to draw out those factors that affect prayers in the life of Christians which most Christians guilty of realistically.

Today, our attention shall be on those things that we ought to do before or while praying to the Lord Almighty. Those things should be done in other for our prayers to be answered.

There are four things to be considered while praying to God :

1) Do Not Be Too Eager To See Results 

Some people pray for a house today and expect their family members to live in a mansion the next day. No! It doesn't work out like that because God has plans for you and will only act according to his strategies.

The prayer would be fulfilled when you don't even expect it to come. God has an answer!

2) Have Plans for the Prayers 

I was in a church a day when we were asked to pray for a house next before next month. I didn't follow the prayer because I knew I had no plans for it. To build a house, you must have bought or acquired a land. 

God knows what you need, stop disturbing yourself. You only need a good work but you are asking for a car. No! It doesn't work out that way.

3) Have Faith Even When Hopes Seems Gone

Your prayers are just like food put on the stove and your faith can only be described as a fire that lights up the stove. 

Without the fire, do not expect the food. Apostle Peter only walked on the water because of faith.

4) Have A Clean Heart

Imagine someone that cursing a fellow human being fighting and cursing before praying. Even if God wants to answer the prayer, his heart will be a hindrance to it.

No matter how you pray, I pray all our prayers would be answered.

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