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The Five Basic Things Islam Is Based On.

Islam is defined as the religion of peace and the total way of life. It is based on worshipping Allah and following the footpaths of the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. It is based on five major things, which are going to be explained here.

1. Iman (i.e faith) in Allah, in his Prophets, the angels, the books sent down to the world, the hereafter and in fate, whether good or bad.

2. Observing Prayers: There are 5 obligation prayers in Islam and a true Muslim is expected to observe these prayers at their various times.

3. Giving to charity (Zakah): Giving to charity is obligatory once one has enough money which Zakah can be removed from. However, note that it is different from Sadaqah, which is giving freely, you don't need to have more than enough before giving Sadaqah.

4. Hajj (Pilgrimage): This is the visit to Saudi Arabia as a way of following the path of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). One visits sacred places, most popularly, the Kaaba (the Black Stone).

5. Fasting In The Month of Ramadan: Fasting in the month of Ramadan involves abstaining from eating and drinking from when the Al Fajar shows till sunset.

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